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Welcome to Trash Talk - The Sustainability Newsletter

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

What is Gormindel?

Sweden is great at implementing sustainable practices, so we decided to follow their lead and use the Swedish word for, “Do Your Part”. We are here to do OUR part to preserve and protect the environment. It’s an added bonus that we get to help you do YOUR part.

Why do we care?

We want to save the fish from harmful waste released into the ocean every day. We want to expand our group and add folks who also want to do their part. We are calling ourselves, “Gormi’s” (it’s just easier to say).

In reality, we care about more than fish and we’re hoping our Gormi’s do too! The purpose of our website is to support eco-friendly businesses, educate those who are curious, and generate more popularity for those doing their part for the environment.

Utilize the map feature to find and support businesses with sustainable practices when you’re planning where to eat or where to buy products.

Trash Talk is our newsletter explaining the ins and outs of what it means to be sustainable in a simple way.

Share your Gormi status by rocking eco-friendly swag or sharing on social media!

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1 Comment

Jene Lindstrom
Jene Lindstrom
Sep 11, 2023

Love this site..helpful hint - be sure to check with your local recycling company to be sure you are recycling acceptable materials! Also, save those soft plastics..easy to dispose of at most grocery stores. Amazing how quickly a household gathers soft plastics!

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